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About Us

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I am a financial professional with over 30 years of experience. Many of my referrals come from commercial bankers who can’t help their clients. That’s because bankers can’t offer much more to a businessperson than loans or a line of credit.


But only 2% of all business credit comes from banking institutions.


We have the other 98% of the business funding solution!


My practice analyzes your business’s unique needs to understand what BEST POSSIBLE source(s) of funding are available. I have access to an entire funding marketplace that will achieve that goal. Most accountants, bankers and attorneys don’t have access to this marketplace. Moreover, I will partner with you, your accountants and other business professionals to help grow your ability to access funding over time.


The world of non-bank funding is constantly changing, and you need a resource who knows about the options that you can use. You owe it to your business, and ultimately, your personal financial well-being.

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